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a community living out their faith one day at a time

we have a place for you


We are a congregation diverse in belief and thought. We have Democrats and Republicans, KU fans and K-State fans, we have people with big personalities and those who like to hang out behind the scenes, we have people who are full of certainty in their faith and plenty of us who grapple regularly with doubt (and who stay engaged in the process of trying to figure it all out). We think it is a good thing to have a diversity of opinions. We don't all have to believe the same about everything, and, in fact, if we can stay in conversation together on things we don't agree on, maybe we'll all be better for it.


Whatever you believe, if you come share it openly and in good will, there will be a place for you here. There are no strict requirements or arbitrary tests to pass... when we show up and open ourselves to God, good things happen.

Be Changed

be changed

We believe in the transforming power of God. It is easy to feel lost in life. It is easy to feel alone or to find yourself chewed up in life's constant grind. But there is a better way. We believe that God sees us right where we are and loves us right where we are. We also believe that we are called to know and love God and others more fully - and that this changes lives.

Sure, it is possible to love God and others anywhere, but there is a power to having a community of people working on that same goal right alongside you. There is comfort and purpose in pursuing something greater, breaking out of the normal daily routines that trap us and steal our focus from what really matters.

God created us, knows us, and wants us to thrive; we believe that God can use a church community to help you on that journey.  

Change the World

change the world

Showing up and experiencing the changing power of God's love is so important, but at the end of the day, all of that is in vain if we don't do something about it.


God's love is not meant to be bottled up, stored away, and then consumed by those who attend church. God's love is meant to be shared freely with the world. We at Bonner Springs UMC are bent on sharing God's love with people.


We are seeking to transform our community through God's love. From regular food, clothing, and school supply drives, to providing food, haircuts, Halloween costumes, and places of fun, acceptance and belonging to our whole community, we are committed to making Bonner Springs better reflect God's kingdom - a place everyone is welcomed, cared for, and seen. Our goal is to work together to change the world - one day and one person at a time.

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