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Due to our commitment to stopping the spread of Covid-19, our worship services are being held exclusively on Facebook live on Sundays at 10:45am.

Check out our Facebook page:

In addition to normal Sunday services, we are also offering a whole host of opportunities to connect on our Facebook during this outbreak. Daily devotions from people in our congregation, Wednesday check-ins with the pastors, and plenty of opportunities to join us in online community!

I hope you'll take the time to intentionally connect to God and others in this way right now; you might be surprised how much this really might help!! 

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on our YouTube channel:

Here is our normal Sunday schedule we will return to when we are again able to meet in person:

We have three services, and although the same message is preached at all of them, they all have their own personalities. During all three services nursery care is provided for kids 0-5.

8:30am - A smaller service with a simple order of worship. This service usually has a total of 3 hymns (played on the piano or organ), a scripture reading, a time of prayer, and a sermon. Short, sweet, and to the point. This one is best for the go-getters... those who just want the basics and to get on their way.

10:45am - Our best attended. It has all the elements that our 8:30 service has, and it also includes a fun children's message and special music from our choir (weekly) and bell choir (monthly) from September-May. The music is great, the people are nice, and there will likely be a good place for you to fit in here.

6:00pm -  Our most laid back, contemporary service. If the traditional vibe and organ music aren't your thing, you might find comfort in the contemporary music (backed by acoustic guitar and drums) we have in the evenings. This is a smaller service that is fun and engaging, best for those who like a more relaxed atmosphere and who prefer more modern music. There is also a program called bKids running during this service for elementary-aged kids.


9:30am - In addition to our three services, we also have Sunday School in the morning. There are classes for everyone, divided up mostly by age. This is a great place to really get to know folks beyond just sitting next to them in worship. It's a time to dive deeper into faith and the community.

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